Bee Inspired 2018

We decided to take beekeeping to the public, by holding a Bee Inspired Day in the Oracle shopping centre on Sunday 14th October consisting of all manner of stalls.  The weather was against us to hold it outside, so the Oracle were very accommodating to find us space on the lower floor.

The live bees, however, were not allowed inside and the kind and helpful Oracle Operations Staff arranged for their marquee to be erected and the bees were dry with plenty of sheltered viewing space.  

We had :
  • virtual hive (a wooden hive with photographs of bees on frames to explain the hive)
  • tables selling local honey
  • full stand displaying comb, wax, preserved bee and hornet collection solitary bees houses, displays of current flowering plants bees love
  • a children area of drawing, challenges and quizzes
  • collection of honey to taste from around the world and local samples
  • table of bee wax products, candles, furniture polish, lip balm, hand cream etc
  • Demonstrations of frame assembly
  • Free packs of seeds and BBKA leaflets were handed out

We think about 700-1000 people spent time with us, we sold 175 jars of honey, using 2000 tasting sticks for honey tasking.

Photo's from the day