2018 Extractors For Hire

Honey Extraction

Due to the cost of purchasing a honey extractors being over £700, Reading Beekeepers have recently invested in 3 brand new extractors alongside one other for its members to hire.  Detail around hiring the extractors are :

Cost               - £5 per hire
Duration         - Peak demand no more than 2 days, otherwise quieter times no more than a week
Collection       - The hirer must collect and deliver the extractor back to the custodian

Terms and condition
The hirer is responsible for cleaning the extractor by rinsing a lot of hot water through and wiping all internals. You MUST NOT use any cleaning detergents as this could taint the honey next extracted or use anything abrasive.
PLEASE DO NOT allow the volume of honey collecting in the bottom to rise high enough into the spinning mechanism.

*** 3 BRAND NEW for 2018 *** 
We have invested £1000 in purchasing 3 new extractors for our members to hire.

1 x Table Top Extractor 4 frame tangential
The ideal starter extractor for the hobbyist beekeeper with up to five hives as it will hold 18 lbs. of honey before the honey valve must be opened.  The B.S. type will accommodate four B.S. shallow frames.
Dimensions   - 66cm (26"in) high by 41cm in diameter (excludes legs as easily removable from stand)
Transporting  - Extractor fits in all small cars.

This extractors availability is below :

 Current Statuson hire
 BorrowerMZ 27/08-29/08
 Return Date
Waiting List

DT 30/08-01/09

Contact Custodians :
Claire O'Brien - Tilehurst on 07903 269554 or claireobrien19@gmail.com

1 x Light Weight Radial 9 frames
Slightly larger than the table top extractor above but also copes with 9 B.S. shallow frames.  It will fit in most small to medium sized cars to transport on passenger seat.

Dimensions - overall height 28" by 19" diameter.


This extractor is currently available now and rental can be arranged through Gillie :

 Current StatusAvailable
 Return Date
Waiting List

Contact Custodians for above :
Gillie Gray - South Reading Shinfield area contact via email on gilliegray@hotmail.com 

1 x Full Height Extractor 8 frame radial
This extractor requires a larger car to transport and is able to extract 8 BS frames.  We have two large manually powered stainless steel barrel with two part lid.  These extractors are able to extract 8 British standard/shallow super frames suitable for up to 20 hives extractions.  Both operate a radial action and have a two part perspex lid to view progress.

Dimensions   - 110cm high (including legs and spinning handle) and 60cm in diameter
Transporting  - Extractor fits in most hatchback or 4x4s. They will not fit in all saloon cars due to height


For user instructions see document attached at the bottom of this page.

This extractor is currently available now and rental can be arranged through Claire :

 Current StatusIavailable
 Return Date
Waiting List

Contact Custodians for above :
Claire O'Brien - Tilehurst on 07903 269554 or claireobrien19@gmail.com


LARGE BLUE New Extractor - Super and Brood Frames

This extractor can be used to extract normal super frames as well as larger brood frames using additional metal shelves.  This extractor is currently based in Caversham.

 Current Status

 Return Date 
 Waiting List

Contact Custodians :
David Chinn - Caversham on 01189 481236 or davidhchinn@hotmail.com

Giles McLoughlin,
22 Feb 2016, 08:05