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'PURE LOCAL HONEY', produced with a sense of pride from healthy bees by YOUR LOCAL beekeepers. It's common sense to support your local beekeeper not the supermarket giants who import honey. Imported honey is 'treated' on entry to sterilise it, which reduces flavour and the health benefits. The following suppliers are not only happy to sell to you, but will also inform you about their honey and its health giving qualities. 


Honey in jars and bulk for sale - South Oxfordshire and Berkshire
  • £4.50 per 340g / 12oz - in labelled hexagonal glass jars
  • Bulk honey in 30lbs returnable container (unfiltered)
  • at £90.00 - plus £5.00 returnable deposit on container
Contact Michael Blackburn on 07770273092 to collect from Caversham, Reading.RG4

Honey for sale from my hives in the back garden, near Prospect Park. 1lb (£6.50) & 12oz (£5.00) jars currently ready, both unheated (which will crystalise more quickly) and heated available.
Contact: Katie Rennie 0118 942 3523

Central Reading
I am an urban beekeeper in the central Reading area, near University/Royal Berkshire Hospital.
Our bee's forage locally, so ideal if you work or live close by and suffer with season alliergies!

Call Stella's 0771 8976 054



Thornes agent John Belcher - Pangborne

BEEHIVE EQUIPMENT Donations of excess equipment to the association would be most welcome ( Photos of Hives and any such Misc. Equipment included details description). Donations could be invaluable to new members wishing to get kitted out and are prepared to refurbish. * If any member from other Associations would like to add their wares. Then all contributions kindly accepted - contact Webmaster. * ( Please include the date of your Advert )