Library of Books

We have a paper reference library, but this has been very little used for some years. So it has been decided to terminate this, and to sell all the books. The attached document (link at foot of this page) lists all of the available books, along with notes on their condition, a guide price, and an indication of which are regarded as collectors' items.

If you are interested in buying any of these, please email our Librarian: librarian at Be sure to state the title and author, and the inventory number if present.

In the event of multiple applications for any given book, offers will be invited.

It has been found that some of the books are missing. Assistance in recovering these would be appreciated:
  • Manual of Beekeeping (E.B. Wedmore)
  • The Bad Beekeepers (Bill Turnbull)
  • Queen Breeding for Amateurs (C.P Abbot)
  • Practical Beekeeping (D.T. Macfie)
  • Beekeeping in Antiquity (A C Waine)
  • Honey: A Comprehensive Study (Eva Crane)
  • Practical Beekeeping (E. Tomkins & R.  Griffiths)
  • Beekeeping for Beginners (A Richards)
  • Beekeeping – A Seasonal Guide (Ron Brown)
  • Mead Making (S W Andrews)
  • Beautiful Queens and Honey too (B Fields)
Jeff Silver,
16 Jan 2021, 03:09