2020 Membership

The following outlines the benefits of joining Reading & District Beekeepers Association.
Membership fees are due on 1st January each year and full membership subscriptions are to be paid irrespective of what time of the year the members joins.

Full Membership of the Reading & District Beekeepers Association includes the following benefits :

  • Attendance to Membership of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) national association
  • 6 summer apiary visits with instruction
  • 6 winter speaker educational events
  • Access to hire honey extractors
  • A network of experienced beekeepers as mentors for beginners
  • Beginner members can benefit from swarms when they occur
  • Receive monthly full colour BBKA newsletter.
  • Public & Products liability Insurance up to £10 million.
  • Brood disease Insurance (3 x hive insurance) from BDI
  • Access to the BBKA visual aids and slide library.
  • Discounted entrance fee to Spring Convention.
  • Access to the BBKA Examination Scheme.
  • Attend all club meetings and any meetings organised by County Branches

2020 Membership Application Form

New members for 2020 can join and enter their details from 1st October 2019 - please click on the red button below.  You will be redirected to a website call MembershipMojo which will securely host our membership details.  The form will automatically calculate how much you need to pay, but CANNOT take any payments.

Renewing members can renew for 2020 from 1st November by clicking on the red button below

  • DO NOT COMPLETE THE FORM but click on the "Sign In link" on the page or click here to Renew Membership
  • Enter the email address you entered last year and click on "Sign in with Email"
  • You will be sent an email with a renewal link in it to click.
  • This takes you to your personal details, please check and update these details.
  • Select the payment method as before and make payment directly from your bank as before.
  • You will be sent a welcome pack email confirming 

PAYMENT NOTE:  Payments are either by electronic money transfer from your account or posting a cheque to the Treasurer (Ian Duddle). No bank details will be stored on this website.

There is no need to create a password associated to your details on the MembershipMojo website.

{If you have any questions or problems please email: membership at rbka.org.uk}

2019 Membership

 * Full Membership
See notes : a, e, g
 £27.00 per annum Incl 3rd party public liability & product insurance. Also includes BDI insurance for 3 hives. Plus one other member in same household as a Friend of association so they can attend events
 * Partner of Full Member
See notes : b, e
 £14.00 per annum Incl 3rd party public liability & product insurance. But now does not include BDI insurance. The full members needs to BDI partners hives.
 * Associate  £10.00 per annum New Membership category: must have bees, be full member of other association and pay BBKA insurance through the other association
 * Country Members
See notes : c, e, g
 £14.00 per annum Must not have bees therefore no insurance. Additional person at same household will need to join as a Friend
 * Junior
See notes : d, e, f, g
 £10.00 per annum

Incl 3rd party public liability & product insurance.  BDI insurance must be purchased separately if not covered by guardian or parent who is already a Standard or Partner member

 * Friends of Association
See notes : c
 £7.00 per annum Receive Reading Beekeepers correspondants

Frequently Asked Questions
*    Q - I am not sure if I will get bees or a swarm this year?
*    A - Join as a Country Member and upgrade to Full Member during the year to get insurance.

*    Q - Can I be a Country Member and attend all the summer and winter meetings?
*    A - Yes

*    Q - With Partner Membership do I get BDI insurance for any hives?
*    A - No, the full member in the household needs to cover the Partners hives with their BDI insurance. Please see notes further down the page in Blue Text.


a    Full
 Membership includes one other member of the household as a “friend”. 
b    Must be a Partner of a Full Member, if not try Country Membership. 
   Country Member: Not an active beekeeper but receives copies of the BBKA News magazine.
      Friends do not have membership rights but Country members do, they are both entitled to
      copies of newsletters and to attend RBKA meetings. Friends will not receive the monthly
      BBKA News magazine. 
d    Junior Membership does not include Foul Brood Insurance in it’s own right and is for 
       individuals under the age of 18 which shall cease when the Junior attains the age of 18 and
       shall be automatically and immediately amended to Full Membership for the remainder
       of that membership year, without further payment of any additional capitation in respect of that
e    Full Membership (i.e. excluding Partner, Junior, Friend & Country) includes Foul Brood
       Insurance for 3 colonies (£2.00), you must purchase additional cover for additional hives. 
       Additional colonies :
       4 - 5 colonies = £2.00
       6 - 10 colonies = £5.25
       11 - 15 colonies = £7.75
       16 - 20 colonies = £9.50
       21 - 25 colonies = £11.10
       26 - 30 colonies = £13.60
       31 - 35 colonies = £16.10
       36 - 39 colonies = £18.10
f      If a Junior Member is the only BBKA member in the household, then Foul Brood Insurance
       needs to be purchased separately. See Note e above. 
g    All four Memberships (Full, Partner, Junior and Country) also include British Beekeepers
      Association membership. Country is new class for persons without bees who wish to be members
      of BBKA. 

For more details see :

BDI Insurance which is included as part of your Reading Membership explained, taken from :

The rates for 2019 are :

The minimum payable by each Member Association to BDI Ltd as a condition of membership is a subscription of £2 per annum for each of its beekeeping members. This subscription includes insurance cover for up to three honey bee colonies. Note from 2014, BBKA  Partner Members are not required to make any BDI payment, but the Full Member is responsible for insuring all colonies owned by themselves and their Partner Member

Associate Members, Junior Members and Friends are not usually insured by local associations as they do not normally keep bees independently.  

Bees kept by Junior Members whose parents do not keep bees, or who have not insured the Juniors bees on their behalf can have insurance taken out on their behalf with BDI.  In such circumstances  the paper or eReturn receipt should show the Junior members name in the usual way, but the first line of the address should be replaced by 'Mr A Adult (on behalf of J Junior)', followed by the address on the remaining lines.

Beekeepers under the age of 16 years are unable to take out insurance policies and any policy has to be arranged by a parent or guardian. Beekeeping members are obliged to pay premiums for any extra colonies they own.  

The additional premiums are:
Up to 5 colonies (including the basic three) an additional £2.00
Up to 10 colonies (including the basic three) an additional £5.25
Up to 15 colonies (including the basic three) an additional £7.75
Up to 20 colonies (including the basic three) an additional £9.50
Up to 25 colonies (including the basic three) an additional £11.10
Up to 30 colonies (including the basic three) an additional £13.60
Up to 35 colonies (including the basic three) an additional £16.10
Up to 39 colonies (including the basic three) an additional £18.10

Reading & District Beekeepers Association Constitution
Please see below a copy of the constitution document agreed at the Reading Association AGM held in November 2018 (the previous version, from Nov. 2013, is available here).
Martin Juckes,
24 Jun 2019, 13:59