Please note that although swarm collection may still be carried out during the Covid-19 outbreak, extra precautions must be taken, such as social distancing.
Please refer to the National Bee Unit's advice here:


Call Us - Reading and District Beekeepers Association can respond !!!

Honey Bee Swarm is quite distinct (as seen in photo below).  It is often found hanging from a branch, in a hedge, on a wall, etc.  You may also come across bees after they have set up home, in places such as a cavity, compost heap, roof space etc.

Regrettably - we cannot remove bees from chimneys, cavity walls etc as we are not steeplejacks or builders.  Lastly if they are very high in trees we will not risk our members climbing to retrieve them.
Bumble bees, solitary bees, wasps and hornets will not swarm.  To help you identify which you think you may have, take a look at the photos below.  If you still think they are honey bees, please contact any of  the people in the list below to arrange collection.

(Please note: bumble bees will not be collected/removed by beekeepers.  Further information on bumble bees can be found on http://www.bumblebeeconservation.org/ )

This is a Honey Bee Swarm


This is a Honey Bee

This is a Bumble Bee

This is a Wasp
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